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A warm welcome to my brand new website.

Sarah Price's hompage - pathway to successI am Sarah Price, a freelance translator turned productivity coach for mumpreneurs and mum of four. I first set up my freelance business in 2005 when my eldest child was 6 months old and I have since freelanced my way through 3 more maternity leaves. With my ever-expanding family I had to quickly get up to speed on time management and productivity techniques in order to effectively combine work and family. I learnt through trial and error, but my aim in setting up this new venture is to teach you all the tips and tricks to shortcut your path to success, as I know what a precious commodity time is for all of us in our daily quest for work/family integration.

My new venture will ultimately see me creating online courses focusing on productivity and time management for mumpreneurs. I intend to have my first course up and running for you very soon but, in the meantime, I intend to provide my audience with massive amounts of value while I find how I can best serve you.  Why not sign up to receive my free series of checklists which will help you be a productivuty ninja both at home and at work and achieve optimum work-family integration?

I would also love to connect with you on social media. I manage a free Facebook group focusing on productivity for mumpreneurs and I would be delighted to see you over there.  I would also love you to connect with me on Facebook or on Twitter.

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Freelance translator turned productivity coach for mumpreneurs.

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