The weather is freezing cold in the Northern hemisphere as I write this post and we have just passed what is known as “Blue Monday”, supposedly the most miserable and depressing day in the whole year. However, I am here today to bring you a small ray of sunshine and hope amidst all of the doom and gloom which I hope you are not feeling. You see, the truth is that life does not need to be as hard as you may currently be making it. Here are 10 quick and easy ways to simplify your life today! And I give you permission to take these steps towards simplicity!

  1. Declutter an area in your house that you have been meaning to declutter for a long time. Have three bags ready. One for items to throw away, one bag for items to donate to charity or sell and one bag for items to keep. Get a friend or family member to help out if you are finding it hard to get motivated.
  2. Complete any life admin tasks that are long overdue that you may be feeling guilty about not having completed. This will relieve your mental load at the very least.
  3. Reduce the time you spend on social media. At best, social media is a massive time suck and it can limit the time you have to spend on other, more rewarding and fulfilling pastimes. At worst, excessive time spent on social media can cause you to gain weight, feel inadequate and increase your likelihood of depression.
  4. Pay as many of your bills and regular outgoings as possible by direct debit or automated payment. It saves both mental space in your head and also oodles of time. You may also receive a small discount for making regular payments by direct debit. What is not to like?
  5. Pay off any outstanding debts as soon as you possibly can. What can I say? As well as making savings on interest, paying all of your debts will also give you an unparalleled sense of freedom.
  6. Refrain from multitasking. In most cases, it is a myth that multitasking saves you time. This is because, while you are multitasking, neither / none of the tasks is getting your undivided attention and you are unlikely to perform it to the best of your ability, meaning that you may have to repeat it, thereby using up more time than is strictly necessary.
  7. Slow down. Many of us let our ‘to do’ lists control our lives much more than they should. Instead, take some time to simply be – look around and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in and the people around you. It is all too easy to forget all of the goodness around us when we are at the mercy of our seemingly never-ending ‘to-do’ lists.
  8. Spend time with people who fill you up. Although it is good to do work that you at least like, if not love, hopefully your life outside work is more fulfilling and creates greater happiness for you. To ensure optimum levels of happiness, we need to be spending time with people who fill us up. However, if the opposite applies and you find that the people you spend your leisure time with merely sap your energy and bring you down then it’s really time to take stock and decide whether you want those people in your life any more.
  9. Clear space in your diary to do your own thing. However busy we are, all of us need time to relax and unwind for the sake of our mental and physical health. But in our busy lives as parents, time for us can easily fall by the wayside as our parenting role takes precedence. Schedule some time for yourself today!
  10. Don’t be afraid to cut corners. We often believe that we should be doing all the things as parents to ensure that we don’t fail our children. But the truth is, doing all of the things in the long term is a surefire recipe for burnout. How could you easily simplify any area of your life today? Do you really need to iron every single item of clothing? Do your children really need to have a bath every day? For tasks you are unable to omit from your ‘to do’ list, is there somebody you could delegate them to? Remember, you don’t need to be all things to all people.


10 quick and easy ways to simplify your life today!

Over to you

Do you have any top tips for simplifying life in the here and now? Please feel free to share them in the “Comments” section below.

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