Productivity tools can save you vast amounts of precious time in your business. Here are five types of productivity tools which are absolutely vital for entrepreneurs. And the best news is that many of them are free…

As a solopreneur, there are no corporate policies limiting the websites you are allowed to access during the working day. To solve this problem, applications have been created which prevent you from wasting too much time on social media when you should be working productively. You can choose which sites you want to block, whether you want to block them entirely or only certain sections, for how long and starting when. Website blocking applications include Freedom, Stay Focused and Anti-Social.

If you reach the end of the working day and wonder where the time has gone as you have not achieved the results you set out to, a time-tracking tool could be just what you need. These tools track the length of time you spend on different applications and websites online before compiling detailed reports on your activities. You may be initially shocked at how much time you spend unproductively, but knowledge is power and a few tweaks may well enable you to achieve everything you set out to during your working day. Time-tracking tools include Rescue Time and Track Time.

There are a multitude of different email management tools available. We are all receiving increasing amounts of email and the important emails often get lost among the less important ones. Email filtering tools such as SaneBox solve this headache by automatically recognising which emails are most important and filing less important emails in a separate folder and producing a daily digest of them. Email scheduling tools such as Boomerang enable you to write an email and send it at a later date. This is useful if you are working over the weekend but do not want your clients to know. It can also archive messages that you want to read again later and they will automatically reappear in your inbox on the date specified.

We are all drowning in passwords for different websites and applications these days. It is always frustrating to waste time in clicking the ‘Lost Password’ link on websites and having to change your password. To solve this problem, password management tools such as KeePass have been created which securely store all of your many passwords so that you do not need to remember them.

If you regularly need to schedule meetings or client coaching calls, for example, then you most definitely need an online scheduling tool. This option is far preferable to trying to schedule meetings with multiple participants via email. Good quality scheduling tools include Doodle, Calendly and ScheduleOnce.

5 must-have productivity tools for your business

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