Introducing my free masterclass

5 Steps to Rapidly Reducing Overwhelm for Working Mamas

8pm, Thursday 2nd January

with Sarah Price (

  • You may or may not know that I am a mum of 4 and a business owner.
  • I am always on the go and always got somewhere to be and something to do but this has made me an expert in getting stuff done in a low-stress way. I mastered the art of this several years ago in order not to constantly feel overwhelmed.
  • I have also had massive success in helping other mums to be there for their family, to be there for their partners, and to be there for their business, all while having some time out for themselves.
  • I shall be giving you some tips and tricks which took me years to learn, but which you can take away and implement straight away.

You have me already – I want to sign up now!

 The 5 steps comprise:

  • Take control of your time
  • Skyrocket your productivity
  • Household management tips
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Take control of your time

I’ll show you how to master many of the different aspects which make up a mum’s life – productivity and time management so that you work as efficiently as possible, household management tips so that you make light work of the housework, freeing up more quality time to spend with your loved ones and looking after yourself and your own needs.

8pm, Thursday 2nd January


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