It’s the start of a shiny, brand new year and it feels like a golden opportunity to turn over a new leaf. We often make really ambitious New Year’s resolutions which fall by the wayside in no time at all and we then feel a sense of failure when we, almost inevitably, fail to live up to them. The problem with these traditional resolutions is that we often make them on the basis of how we “should” be living our life and almost set ourselves up to fail. We have these massive goals which need mammoth amounts of motivation such as getting fitter or losing a certain number of stones in weight, finding a better paying job or resolving to fit studying into an already packed schedule.

So, what can you do instead? Well, instead of these punishing New Year’s resolutions, it has become popular in recent years for entrepreneurs in particular to choose a positive watchword for the year instead, indicating how they would like the new year to pan out. Popular choices are “ease”, “flow”, “alignment” or “abundance”. When they make any decisions on the running of their business, they ask themselves how best they can perform these tasks with the greatest ease or flow, etc. This transforms their mindset as they are now focusing on the positive rather than the negative. They may find that the New Year’s resolutions they may have previously made get achieved without having to think about them too much. You see, the weight loss they were planning to achieve may occur naturally once they focus on ease and flow in their life as they are happier and less stressed and generally more attuned to the positive.

In addition to the above tips, here are some more tips as to how to make big life changes with ease and override the resistance of our monkey mind to change in an attempt to keep us safe.

Visualisation. Visualisation is basically goalsetting with a very positive slant and it can be fantastic fun. Top athletes visualise winning an important race that they are training for by imagining and experiencing all the feelings they will feel when they have actually won the race ahead of time. The more often they visualise, the more likely it is that they will harness the power of their mind to work with them and spur them on to success. Therefore, before you make a significant life change, visualise exactly how it will feel once you have successfully made the change and are looking back on your journey. You can also create a vision board for your goals, with the car you wish to drive, the house you wish to buy, images of the kind of lifestyle you wish to enjoy when you become successful. If you keep this vision board in your office as a constant reminder, it will spur you on to stick with making the changes when the journey gets difficult.

Find a support network. If you are looking to make big life changes, it always helps to have some friends, or at least others, to join you for the ride. You could team up with friends offline or find an online support group. You can all hold each other accountable and support each other through the tricky times. Remember “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

Small steps. Remember that it is always better to take small steps towards change than gigantic leaps. You may be impatient to make the changes, but the changes are more likely to be sustainable if they are gradual. And before you start to take small steps towards big change, it is always a good idea to prepare yourself for more far-reaching change by making small changes to your daily routine. Why not slightly change the order you perform tasks during your morning routine or take a different route to work or school if possible. This will help you to get comfortable with smaller changes in preparation for the bigger changes on the cards.

How to easefully make life changes

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