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Episode 6 – Danelle Harvey

In this episode I chat to professional musician and mumpreneur, Danelle Harvey. She is a singer and song writer and has set up her own record label. She went independent to fit in better around her daughter’s life. She tells her story and how she has helped other aspiring music professionals to kick start their careers. The book she has written Music & Money: A Success Guide for Female Music Creators, Recording Artists, Songwriters and Musicians: How to Start a Music Career & Succeed in Music Business – Make Money From Your Music Now! is a fully comprehensive guide for anybody starting out in the music industry.

Danelle explains the vital importance of mindset in whatever you do in business. She describes how she managed the work-life balance when her daughter was younger. She explains how she set up systems and how she used the Pomodoro technique, time blocking and batching to her advantage. She tuned in to her intuition to ascertain what would really help her to move her business forward. On the topic of self care, Danelle describes how she was an early adopter from the age of 9. She really made self-care a priority and got inventive with making her own facial scrubs and masks.

How you can find out more about Danelle:

Her website is
Instagram: femalemusicpreneur
Twitter: femmusicpreneur
Facebook: femalemusicpreneur

Her newly published book “Music & Money” can be purchased on Amazon.
The website for her newly published book can be found at:

Episode 5 – Sophia Shilimindri

My guest today is Sophia Shilimindri. She is originally from Cyprus but has been living in Switzerland for the last 6 years with her Swiss husband and young daughter.  She is also expecting baby number 2 in the Spring of 2019. She followed the traditional path of getting a 9-5 job when she left school, despite coming from a family of entrepreneurs. However, she has recently left the world of employment to start her own business in order to fit around family life better. Her venture specialises in helping small businesses to set up and automate systems and processes to help them to grow. Sophia explains her daily routine in her new venture and how she eventually decided to mimic her employee routine in her home-based business when she realised that she was procrastinating too much during her working day. Sophia describes how she shares the parenting workload with her husband and also explains the situation with childcare in Switzerland.

How you can find out more about Sophia:

Her website is

She is running a special offer for listeners of the Easeful Mumpreneur podcast. She will undertake the initial set-up of your CRM system free of charge if you book a 6-month retainer package with her. She is happy to have a discovery call to answer any questions anybody may have prior to signing up. This special offer can be found at


Episode 4 – Sarah Sienkiewicz

Today’s episode is with Sarah Sienkiewicz, a strategy and alignment coach for female entrepreneurs and oracle card reader , a wife and a mum to two young children. Sarah starts by telling her story, the events that led up to her being the person she is today. She was caught up in the London bombings of 7th July 2005 and, although thankfully not injured, this became a major turning point in her life. Having had a potential near-death experience, she realised that her life was on completely the wrong path. She started living her life much more fully. She predicted that she would have a house, a husband, two children and be a life coach by the age of 30 and that actually happened. There were times along the way when she lost her faith and belief in herself. Sarah explains how her entrepreneurial journey has also been a healing journey. She describes how she felt a need to prove herself when changing career when her children were young after several years of being a stay-at-home mum. Sarah explains how she experienced burnout a few years ago but has since set up residual  income streams which give her time freedom in her business. She has time for self-care and has learnt to be in alignment with her body and now works with the ebb and flow of her natural cycles. Sarah talks about her newly published co-authored book, Mumpreneur on Fire 3, and explains how cooperation is so important to make business more easeful. Sarah ends by stating that self-care is her number 1 productivity strategy.

Sarah’s bio:

Sarah Sienkiewicz is a Strategy & Alignment Coach. She runs Healing Business and is passionate about giving business owners the support and business skills needed to attract an abundance of clients and breakthrough to the next level. Blending practical resources with mindset and energy alignment, Sarah’s creative and enthusiastic approach is an inspiration to those in her community.

Here are some links to the resources Sarah mentioned in the podcast:

Cyclical Living expert and resources:
Feminine Leadership:
Burnout recovery:

Sarah also wrote a guest blog for Life Over Laundry which you may find interesting about the system she uses to give you more time and less overwhelm


Episode 3 – How to run your business from a place of calm

In today’s episode, I give you 25 different ways to introduce an enduring sense of calm into your daily life. These can be mixed and matched and you could try a number of them at once. However, there can be too much of a good thing. Trying all of them at once could lead to a serious case of overwhelm and I therefore don’t recommend it!

Sarah’s blog –

Sarah’s Facebook group –


Episode 2 – How not to run a business zenfully

In today’s episode, I talk about how living in modern society can be so stressful and how we can stop engaging with all the stress. Also, how busyness has almost become a badge of honour and how we can unsubscribe from this belief in running our businesses too. I talk about the disadvantages of transferring your employee mindset into your self-employed business. I also talk about the importance of taking stock of your business from time to time to check if it is still serving you. I give suggestions of how to avoid the feast and famine cycle in your business. I address the pitfalls of comparisonitis, i.e. looking at the businesses of others and telling yourself that yours compares unfavourably. I discuss the importance of enforcing a regular routine on yourself in your self-employed business, even though no routine is prescribed for entrepreneurs, as it really helps you to get stuff done. I also talk about some traditional productivity techniques which will help you to keep your stress levels down.

Denise Duffield-Thomas blog post –

Carrie Green, video titled “How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and What To Do Instead –

Truth Telling podcast, episode with guest Shaa Wasmund –

Sarah’s blog –

Sarah’s Facebook group –


Episode 1 – Who is Sarah Price and why the podcast?


In this first episode you will get a whistlestop tour of my life and my career thus far. I’m the proud mum of 4 children, 3 sons aged 13, 9 and 7 and a 3 year old daughter. We live in the beautiful county of Rutland in the East Midlands of England, where I grew up and ultimately moved back here when I had children myself.

I will tell you about how Modern Languages were my favourite subjects at school and how I went on to use these as a secondary skill in my career to start off with before going on to use these as a primary skill. You will learn about how I spent a couple of lengthy periods studying and working in Continental Europe in my early to mid-twenties, pre-kids, and what led to me eventually deciding to return to the UK.

I will fill you in on what led me to first become an entrepreneur and how I thought I had found a career for life. I then explain how the year 2013 was a game-changer for me as it sowed the seeds for a complete change of direction in my business. This new venture has taken five years to finally be launched into the world as my family life has taken a number of twists and turns along the way, both positive and negative.

Finally, I shall tell you what you can expect to learn from listening to my future podcast episodes which will all focus on better mastering the work-life juggle as a mumpreneur. The podcast will mainly feature episodes with guest experts, interspersed with the occasional solo episode from me. My credentials for talking about productivity and work-life balance for mumpreneurs are 4 young children and over 13 years of successful entrepreneurship under my belt.


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